Помощь детям | Ольга Шкринда - девочка с болезнью Канавана
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The site is not commercial and created specifically to help the girl Olga Shkrinda.

When using the site materials reference to the site is required.

Olga's story

   Olga was born on November 3, 2017. Up to 3 months, Olga grew and developed as a normal healthy child, but by the age of 4 months, she did not start to hold her head.


   We went around many doctors, passed tests and passed all possible examinations.


   Only in 7 months, Olga was diagnosed with a terrible diagnosis - Canavan disease (Leukodystrophy). 

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The total cost of gene therapy

for Olga Shkrinda is $ 1,140,000.

The site is open to collect money for the main part of the treatment "Viral Vector: production and testing for clinical use."

The amount of the collection of money - $ 800,000

Information about the collection:

  • Fundraising for: Olga Shkrinda

  • Date of birth: 03.11.2017

  • Where she lives: Russia, St. Petersburg

  • Diagnosis: Canavan disease (Leukodystrophy)

  • The deadline for fundraising: December 15, 2019

  • The total estimate: 1 140 000 $

  • Where will the treatment take place: ROWAN UNIVERSITY School of Osteopathic Medicine (USA)


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  • Facebook - Оля Шкринда
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Online wallet PayPal:




Sberbank of Russia card

№ 4817 7602 2862 4411 -

recipient Ivan Sergeevich Shkrinda (dad)

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Tinkoff Bank card -

4377 7237 4202 2480 

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  • Vkontakte - Оля Шкринда
  • Facebook - Оля Шкринда
  • Instagram - Olga Shkrinda

Our news

Dear friends!

This video was mounted by mom Tobin, Megan.

All children from our group with Professor Paula Leone entered the video.

As you can see, kids are collected from different countries around the world.

Please do not leave us in trouble. Help Olga get gene therapy.

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