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The site is not commercial and created specifically to help the girl Olga Shkrinda.

When using the site materials reference to the site is required.

Supporting documents


The program for the treatment of Olga Shkrinda

A group of scientists from the United States has developed a method for treating this disease - gene therapy. This is a new gene platform developed 4 years ago.


The correct version of the ASPA gene is transferred to the brain by an adeno-associated viral vector and inserted into the DNA at the site of the defective gene.


After therapy, the enzyme that breaks down acetyaspartate and is involved in the process of myelination begins to be produced, the child’s brain ceases to collapse and begins to develop, and the child acquires all the skills that he could not master before.


The sooner the therapy is carried out, the better effect of the treatment can be obtained.

Account for Olga Shkrinda from a clinic in the USA

Documents confirming the diagnosis


MRI Brain Result

Conclusion genetics

The result of molecular genetic studies

EEG result

Organic Acid Analysis

Certificate from genetics

Certificate of disability


Personal documents of Olga and her mother

Birth certificate

Mom's passport